S3P2. Students will investigate magnets and how they affect other magnets and common objects.

a. Investigate to find common objects that are attracted to magnets.

b. Investigate how magnets attract and repel each other.


Student Magnet Project: (S3P2 a, b) This is an example of a wonderful student project where they created games that were based on the properties of magnets. They used the free online resource, Voice Thread, to showcase their projects using video and voice recordings to explain how and why they made their particular game. Voice Thread gives the opportunity for others to comment, so students can comment on other student work and/or teachers can provide commentary.


How Strong is Your Magnet?: (S3P2b) This lesson allows students to experiment with the strength of magnets and their relationship between distance from an object and the force of magnetism.


May the Force Be with You: (S3P2 a, b) SMART Notebook lesson that focuses on objects that are attracted to magnets and now magnets attract and repel. At the end of the lesson a link takes you to a game (Magnets Millionaire) on the Quia website.

Engineering Interact: (S3P2 a, b) This online student interactive demonstrates objects that are attracted to magnets and how magnets attract and repel. Questions are interspersed throughout to test the student's understanding.


Trade books to check out:

What Makes a Magnet? (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2) Franklyn M. Brantley (1996)

Magnets (All Aboard Science Reader) Anne Schreiber (2003)