S4P1. Students will investigate the nature of light using tools such as mirrors, lenses, and prisms.

a. Identify materials that are transparent, opaque, and translucent.

b. Investigate the reflection of light using a mirror and a light source.

c. Identify the physical attributes of a convex lens, a concave lens, and a prism and where each is used.


Alien Attack - LightThe simulation allows the students to try to solve a crime as they learn about and experiment with the nature of light. Students are awarded points based on their correct answers to questions during the simulation and their ability to correctly solve the crime. (S4P1a,b.)


Dracula's Library Reflections - Hands-on investigation using a mirror, protractor, and flashlight to explore reflection. This would be a good introduction to a unit or lesson on light. (S4P1b)