S5P2. Students will explain the difference between a physical change and a chemical change.

a. Investigate physical changes by separating mixtures and manipulating (cutting, tearing, folding) paper to demonstrate examples of physical change.

b. Recognize that the changes in state of water (water vapor/steam, liquid, ice) are due to temperature differences and are examples of physical change.

c. Investigate the properties of a substance before, during, and after a chemical reaction to find evidence of change.

Hands-on Investigations

Heat Up to Some Cool Reactions - Every chemical reaction is accompanied by a change in temperature. Sometimes the change is barely noticeable and other times it’s extreme. Sometimes the temperature goes up and other times it goes down. Try the two chemical reactions described in this activity to experience two different kinds of temperature changes (S5P2c).


Reversible and Irreversible Changes - This brief interactive demonstrates physical and chemical changes. (S5P2c)