S5P3. Students will investigate the electricity, magnetism, and their relationship.

a. Investigate static electricity.

b. Determine the necessary components for completing an electric circuit.

c. Investigate common materials to determine if they are insulators or conductors of electricity.

d. Compare a bar magnet to an electromagnet.


Electricity - Engineering Interactive (S5P3 b) - These individual interactive learning modules have students work with general uses of electricity, simple circuits, series and parallel circuits. Access the individual learning modules here under Electricity -

http://www.engineeringinteract.org/resources.htm. A culminating game activity combines all of the learning modules into a game, Silicon Spies, in which students have to apply all of the concepts to solve a mystery.


Electricity - (S5P3 a, b, c) Background information about static electricity, current electricity, and electric circuits. Although there are no interactive activities on the site, their graphics are easy to follow and the information is clearly written.


Electrical Conductors - (S5P3 b, c) From BBC Bitesize Deadly 60, Steve needs to find something to wear while swimming with electric eels. Students first build an electric circuit in order to test which materials conduct electricity and which ones do not. They then choose which material to use so Steve can swim with the eels.


Tech Topics: Electricity - (S5P3b, c) Combination of background material and instructions for hands-on experiments. Covers series and parallel circuits, insulators, and design challenges.


Magnets and Electromagnets - (S5P3d) Great Java simulation of the electrical field around a bar magnet and an electromagnet. Several variables can be changed in order to learn more about how both types of magnets work.